Who we are

Founded in late 2011, “Kesh Malek” is a non-profit, civil society organization (CSO) which activities are focused in Aleppo province, in the north of Syria.

“Kesh Malek” was established as a part of the revolutionary movement in Aleppo, and its activities focused in the early stages on calling and mobilizing people to demonstrate, and distributing awareness and mobilizing flyers, serving the goals of the revolution in freedom and dignity. Additionally, the organization was involved in organizing politically and revolutionary oriented advocacy campaign according to the current developments. After the liberation of the eastern areas of Aleppo city, “Kesh Malek” shifted its activities to the liberated areas and organized a cluster of activities in participation with the civil society, and particularly targeting children, and it was well aware of the importance of building educational and service entities and initiatives that may fill the gap following the withdrawal of the state institutions and address the deteriorating situation of livelihood. Therefore, the organization commenced in organizing clean-up campaigns, and opened the school of “martyr Mustafa Karman”, who is one of the organization’s co-founders who was killed by the shelling that targeted a demonstration in Bustan Al Qasr neighborhood. This school was one of the first educational institutions that merged in the liberated areas out of regime control.

In the beginning of 2013, “Kesh Malek” opened its headquarters in Gaziantep, Turkey, and obtained a license as a Syrian CSO, which was an important step towards institutionalizing, organizing and expanding its operation.

The vision of “Kesh Malek” focuses on building a democratic Syrian community and state, that is respectful to human rights, and based on citizenship, justice, and respecting diversity.

In “Kesh Malek”, we believe that the Syrian revolution is the way to bring a radical change in Syria that will shift the state from a totalitarian rule to a democratic state that has no place for dictatorship, and which is respectful to its citizens and will achieve justice and freedom.